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LegoSeriousPlay Workshop at Oracle BCN

Who  we  are


We are a multidisciplinary community of innovators who work alongside organisations' teams to navigate and overcome complex challenges, spot and seize opportunities through playful co-creation and unconventional thinking to generate real differentiation in your strategies.

Our purpose is to transform the world of Business and Education by focusing on Humans

Punk  Design   in   numbers

Why Punk in Business

Why  Punk  in  Business

Innovation is an act of rebellion, with the goal of improving and transforming creatively business challenges to generate real impact.

A Punk mindset sparks authenticity that leads to differentiation.

We are Punks in business and that's why we:

  • Uncover facts for defining the right challenge context 

  • Co-design a plan

  • Define a project scope

  • Co-create a strategy

  • Define actions for executing the strategy

  • Set variables to measure the impact

  • Set the context to monitor impact

These are some learnings from Punk that are generating value in business:

  • Do  it  yourself

We don't generate dependency with our work, that's why we work with clients, not for clients. We always aim to be your business companion

  • Unconventional  thinking

Approach business challenges in a more creative way to generate differentiation

  • Question  the  rules

To provoke change, disruption and authenticity. Don't be another brick on the wall

  • Positive  rebellion 

Setting up the teams at their best to generate value and progress, enjoying your work along the way

That's a call to action for positive business rebels eager to transform the way we approach challenges that spark wow-strategies.

Unleash your inner innovation rebel to generate strategic progress in your  teams.

Co-creation business strategy

How  we  perform 

Innovation Strategy
Design Thinking
and play

Co-creating to
Tackle complex challenges
Navigate ambiguity
Settle teams at their best

Online / Offline
Inspiring and Guiding

Thinking unconventionally
Provoking progress

takeaways  from  our  sessions


Think about the future of your organisation, products and services


Team engagement with the co-created plan


Problem-solving toolbox and creative mindsets to tackle your business challenges


Playful and creative environment and experience to tackle serious challenges


 Enable and foster team communication

Services to catalyse your business

shake your teams fostering innovation and creative problem-solving skills


some  Challenges   we  have 
overcomed   with   our   clients

Co-creation of the Mission and Vision for the next 3 years

- top  multinational  software corp 

How might we foster team collaboration between departments to continue delivering a high-class service?

- Digital Marketing Agency

Co-creation sessions to generate engagement with new company values

- top automobile manufacturer

How might we flourish a mindset of experimentation and taking risks in our teams?

- top multinational  tech corp

How might we become the north star for our clients and be able to work along with them in the long-term?

- Coaching and training  company

How might we use play during a hiring process improving the experience and having great soft skills match?

- large software company

How might we develop and commercialise new nanotechnology solutions applied to medicine?

- Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Institute -

Co-create actions to solve issues related to remote work, newcomers and teamwork

- A  top  10  global  IT  service  provider -

How might we lay the groundwork for societal and professional acceptance to perform clinical trials with stem cells in medically fragile preterm infants?

-  H2020  European  health  project -

Amazing   people
we 've
   worked   with


testimonials   from   working 
alongside   our   clients

Testimonials from clients
Enrique has been a honest, passionate and result-oriented pragmatic project leader in the projects he has developped with my company. 
He´s got a natural talent in understanding customer needs. He is a hard worker and proactive manager, always able to find the way to accomplish goals and deadlines. 

Giulio Santoni - CEO Grandifirme & 71settantuno

Unleash your inner Innovation rebel

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