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We are a Punk Innovation Companion in a crusade to galvanise, guide and inspire businesses to engrave their spirit within differentiating strategies through play and creativity.

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We have the punk mindset to provoke a sense that there is always a new kick-ass way to observe and do things.

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Design Thinking
Play and Creativity 


Co-creating with 
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takeaways innovation process


How to figure out why, where, and how to apply creativity to specific business problems


How to tap into people's expertise and POV to build and envision your strategies


How to Enable and embrace communication and rituals between teams


How to Work with human centricity to Create better experiences


How to reduce stakeholder apprehensions to enable better collaboration


How to Think by doing

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business  Core

* Values
* Purpose / Mission-Vision
* Redefine HR Processes
* Design Thinking Training
* LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® training

Strategic  Scenarios

* Mapping future situations
* Define goals & create roadmaps
* Foster team and interdepartmental   communication
* Team superpowers
* Team alignment & Rituals

Innovation  Strategy

* Transform user needs into             Business opportunities
* Define right audience for your         problems
* Co-creation sessions
* Manage client & stakeholder           expectations

Our best international hits

company values onboarding

Ignite  engagement  with  company values  during  an  onboarding  process

Employees motivated by your company values will bring them into your crusade and skyrocket your business. 

Value generated:
* Alignment between employees and company values
* 100% Team agreement
* Foster communication and collaboration among new employees

happiness at work

Employees  creating  actions  to increase  their  happiness  at  work

Your employees are the key asset of your company!
Happiness at work makes the difference between having employees fighting for your revolution and demotivated people having no reason to wake up every morning.

Value generated:
* Work and unanimity about an abstract concept like happiness
* Create a save space to the employees to express their ideas
* Team decision making to define actions to increase happiness

co-creation company strategy

The  power  of  people  co-creating  a strategic  plan  to  develop  and distribute  new  products

The best knowledge about your product/service, market and clients is all around your employees, so if you want to beat the market, take your best shot and bring all this knowledge to the room to design your strategy

Value to the client:
* Fit product with appropriate customer profiles
* Design unimagined strategies based on the employees’ know-how
* Creative ideation techniques to push the strategic plan a step       forward

improve team communication

Improve  communication  and  create rituals  to  ignite  collaboration between  departments

Lack of communication between departments is a pain in the ass for companies, increasing project cost and tensions between your employees

Value to the client:
* Empathise about the problems and situations of other                 departments
* Co-create processes to communicate better avoiding uncovered     issues
* Co-design internal rituals for interdepartmental engagement 

strategic plan future company

Engaged  employees  defining  a strategic  plan  to  design  the
future  for  the  company

Everything your company does has to have a sense based on your mission and vision, encouraging your employees to fight for it. Your employees have great knowledge of your business. Involve them into strategic decisions and it will create more engagement and happiness.

Value to the client:
* Giving voice to all the employees in strategic decisions
* Actions to drive the company a step forward in the technology       services
* Engage employees with the future of the company

Ai barriers solutions

Uncover  barriers  to  implement  AI Solutions  in products  and  processes

A barrier is something that impedes you to address your message about the company and products to the right audience. Uncover them will lead your company to make your message even more powerful.

Value to the client:
* Empathise with user needs and fears to create a suitable AI         solution
* Be aware of employees problems to embrace AI technology         within their companies
* Discover new niche markets to develop AI solutions

our b-side hits

Galvanize  Innovation  Strategy

Fitting AI health chatbot with user needs and expectations to improve treatments

Strategic  Scenarios

Define actions to be a more sustainable company

innovation project cases

Team  Core

Uncovering soft skills that fit company culture in a recruitment process

Strategic  Scenarios

Feedback to improve online community experience (remote)

Awesome feat albums

Design  Thinking 
Creative   Leading  Training at  IDEOU

Trained at IDEO Online University. IDEO was the creator of the methodology as we know it today.

Alumni  Coach 

Design Thinking coach for IDEO University learners providing guidance, feedback, sharing skills, knowledge and experiences.

Research  collaboration 
with  HULT  University  (UK)

Collaboration on research project with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® co-inventor Johan Roos, to determine what drives participants to readiness 

Punk Design collaborations

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